Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sue Rock Originals and Draco Photography!

In the quest for more BUZZ about my line, it became clear that it was time for some new images. When I went through the studio, I realized that many items that were going through the door without being photographed.
I surfed the pages of Model Mayhem and discovered brilliance in the photography of Janine Addison, photographer of Draco Photography. Her images are clean, innovative and just plain good - no kitsch or stage drama here. Just excellent lines and the desire to feature the clothes. It also doesnt hurt that she is right in the neighborhood.

When we met at her Brooklyn, NY office, she shared her vision of working in the industry and her three year plan - a notable quality in a young woman under 30! Add to that her diligence to her work and sense of detail (hey- she emails back!) and you have a win win situation all the way around.
Janine and I will be working together to pull together common themes in the Sue Rock line and put together the look book - I look forward to sharing these all with you during the summer. If you are fiending for a little more creative flow, however, make sure to log on to IQONS. IQONS is a website featuring fashion professionals, students and devotees from around the world. Its free and available for all of us. They have shown me alot of love and its worth taking a minnit to check them out! I am listed there at
ENJOY this Spring!

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