Thursday, November 05, 2009

CATWALK GENIUS provides Sue Rock Originals with First Funder!!!

Its amazing! Its Astounding! Just woke up to see this amazing email:

Congratulations! A supporter has agreed to pay for 1 shares in your funding.

In case you don't know, Catwalk Genius is a unique fashion website where as they put it YOU can "Own Fashion". I found out about Catwalk Fashion maybe a year ago, while valiantly seeking other options for posting the line. When you can't dig deep for a marketing and sales budget the internet quickly becomes your new BFF!

Catwalk Genius provides designers with a format to cleanly post their work and get sales. But most importantly, they offer the shopper an opportunity to (within their budget) BUY SHARES of the company! How do they do this you say. Simply!

Back a Designer

Find your new favourite designer on Catwalk Genius

Browse the shop to check out the collections of our designers.

Read about them on their profile pages and choose your favourite.

Buy a share in their collection

Pay £10 (plus £1 processing fee) to secure 1 of 5000 shares in that designer's next collection. You can buy multiple shares in any number of designers.

Once all 5000 shares have sold, your designer will hit their fund target of £50000.

Within 6 months of that point, they'll create a new collection with the costs covered by the fund.

That's right - REAL Funding by the PUBLIC online!!

So - if you have enjoyed watching the progress of Sue Rock Originals and love our unique eco-fashions and way of giving back come to our site at
Sue Rock Originals on Catwalk Genius! Become a funder for a total of $18.18!!

Thank you :))