Monday, May 09, 2011

SPRING IS HERE - SRO Circle Skirts on Etsy

This season we were inspired by the beautiful EMAMI dress created in the Netherlands. Using our upcycled cotton jersey, we have a wide selection of circle skirts with adjustable wide waistbands. Convertible dresses with sensational fit!

We are working on a prototype of this convertible for Plus Sizes so make sure to stay tuned!

Working with New York stylist Gia McCarthy, she reinvented our circle skirt to create this delicious top with top and cinched bodice.

The stretch jersey we have acquired comes from a now defunct sample house which generously donated the remains of their design studio for a number of years before they closed! Juana and the ladies of this studio were a treasure and had the keen insight to find our organization and bring these fabrics to our attention.