Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It is Extraordinary working on a long project....

....so I met this amazing woman at the Golden Krust restaurant - medical student working her way through roti and peas and rice behind the counter, mulling over whether to come to New York or stay in California for her residency. Alas my effusive spirit rose to the occasion spreading mirth and sunshine in the form of accolades regarding her choice to go into medicine. On and on I went, disregarding the ever growning line of hungry and irate Caribbean folks waiting for their jerk chicken. We spoke and I shared some of who I was and what I do..... She shyly mentioned how she had always wanted a "Crochet Kimono" -

SURE~!!! - I said - NO problem, in fact you DESERVE a Crochet Kimono - well you get the drift.

Buzzing in a world of my own, I hestitated to think just HOW I was going to create this Crochet Kimono, but in the world of crochet Heck! anything is possible -

One fitting
Three payments
Two orders of yarn from Elann
and three months later
(and of course countless emails)

My client came to pick up here Crochet Kimono -

Which I present to you now!

I have to of course thank Janine Addison who came by to take these fabulous shots of the work.....

I have never taken on the challenge of a long project - the entire kimono was made with an F hook. I used a fabulous yarn called Mister Joe Blanket - it is an Italian yarn made up of 50% Wool/ 46% Acrylic/ 3% Nylon/ 1% Elastane. I was hoping that by using this almost fingering weight yarn and an F hook, the drape would work and I think it did great!

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