Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sue Rock Originals grows with your help!


Help us to raise the funds needed to continue our

Domestic Violence Survivors Empowerment Program

for the FALL!

Help us to raise $20,000 - TEN Dollars at a time!!

Contributing could not be more simple - simply post your payment to our Paypal account at And each and every donation is tax deductible.

$5.00 Donation- You will be acknowledged by name in our Sue Rock Originals 2011 color calendar. Our calendars include beautiful color images of our volunteers, activities and clothing line, all holidays, moon cycles, season changes and plenty of room for important dates.

$10 Donation - A personal acknowledgment in our calendar and a PDF of the Sue Rock Originals Everyone 2011 calendar.

$20 Donation - You will receive the two previous gifts in addition to a signed hard copy of our color 2011 Calendar delivered to your home!

$25 Donation - All of the previous gifts AND our Sue Rock Originals EcoFabulous Maxi Handknit Scarf from the 2010 Fall Collection

$50 Donation - All of the previous gifts AND your choice of a Ted Baker Tie or Sue Rock Originals Tote Bag.

$100 Donation - For your gift of $100 we will not only provide you with the gifts listed above but we will present a handcrafted Sue Rock Originals Tote in your name to a domestic violence survivor during our October Domestic Violence Awareness month donation drive.

$150 Donation - You will receive the gifts listed above and the Sue Rock Originals Tote with Calendar and Maxi Scarf will be presented to a domestic violence survivor in your name.

$250 Donation - For this generous donation, you will receive the items listed above and a Sue Rock Originals Tote, Calendar, Maxi Scarf and Heirloom Quilt presented to a domestic violence survivor in your name.


So - Just what is the

Sue Rock Originals Everyone

Domestic Violence Survivors Empowerment Program

Its an amazing four month program of textile empowerment for survivors awaiting permanent housing.

Women will be trained to create items which will replace the textile items they left behind (Apparel or Home Decor). We have created a tight core wardrobe or home decor collection which can be completed by a beginner, training an individual in all the textile arts within four months. When the woman is ready to start her new life, whe has everything she needs from her own hands.

Outreach for this program will include the three major domestic violence organizations in New York and the Family Justice Center.

Our beautiful 1200 square foot studio contains the sewing machines, knitting machines, looms and tools to teach and nurture the textile arts skills in women who have made the exciting first steps towards a new life. Our 20 x 20 storage facility is filled to the brim with fabric, trim and notions to provide women with an exhaustive selection to choose from.

We love teaching and working with teachers in the needlearts. We have developed a four month twice a week training program which ensures that these people have the self sufficiency skills all our grandparents had , but in a way that is contemporary and by using the multitude of textile resources that are discarded weekly from individuals, the garment and interior design industries.

It's Green Manufacturing in the Finest Way - by uplifting others!