Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On going "Green" - a Sue Rock take on things....

When you look in all the magazines, clothing companies are awash with "green" products. Organic cotton tees, silk dresses - an entire Green section of the recent LA Fashion week feature companies using organic products in the production of their products. The changes in our industry continue across the country and around the world.

Sue Rock has taken a multi-faceted approach to the "Green" fashion trend. Being based in New York affords us a unique opportunity to be in the center of production for some of the largest worldwide brands. We have chosen to create our ENTIRE LINE from reclaimed fabrics - both from individuals and companies.

Most people don't realize the extensive selection process design directors go through to come up with their final choices for their lines. All ideas have to be fabricated and reviewed before the final choices are made. This means that boxes and boxes of fabrics are discarded on a regular basis.

The interior design side of the business regularly discards quantities of fabrics as trends go in and out of season. These beautiful fabrics have a myriad of uses and come in a wide variety of colors and blends. With the trend towards organic fabrics increasing, the ability to reclaim fabrics that include coconut fiber, silk fibers and woven combinations becomes effortless.

These photos show just some of the design concepts of Sue Rock Originals. Most recently, we reclaimed discarded cotton fabrics from a top house. The weight and body of these fabrics, saying nothing of their variety made for a brilliant choice for a delightful selection of spring apparel!

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