Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rebel Rebel - How could they KNOW!!!

Sue Rock Originals is happy and proud to be at Rebel Clothing, located on Nostrand Avenue and Bergen Streets in Brooklyn New York.

Rebel Clothing is located in that interesting midway location - You know - its not really Crown Heights and its not really Bed Stuy. Those mysterious blocks between Eastern Parkway and Atlantic Avenue from Bedford Avenue to New York that host a wide variety of homemakers, teachers, artists, students, visionaries, jazz musicians, irie cool cats, old heads and is in the current wave of (all together now!) GENTRIFICATION. In between the corner stores, overnight tax centers and 99cent stores lies Rebel Clothing - a beacon of clarity in this Brooklyn fashion haze.

Visit Jah Gee and enjoy the beauty of her tailoring and silk screening savvy!