Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We love to create styles that are fabulous for every size and we have done it. With custom hand shirring and vintage Italian Polyesters and Silks, you can not go wrong with this sexy summer dress! Shown above in production, we are pulling fabrics now for creating these items to have on hand for hot summer days and fun evenings out with friends.
I remember these easy to wear pieces back in the day - with a pair of flip flops and some shades it was out the house and off on the days adventures!
But the Indian cotton numbers of the '70's are nothing compared to the ones about to come out of Sue Rock Originals!

This season brings gorgeous bright floral silk and polyester from an 80's fabric collection. Bold and vibrant the images do not do the colors justice. We are creating pieces that can be dressed up and UP!
And WE WORK WITH ALL SIZES. Come by our studio
Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc.
1069 Bergen Street between Nostrand and Rogers Avenues
Brooklyn, New York
Tuesday Through Saturday
12:00pm - 6:00pm
And you know that every Sue Rock design
.....is an Original!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sue Rock Originals Presents Quilts to Center Against Domestic Violence Thursday, March 24 2011


Email: suerockoriginals@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.suerockoriginals.blogspot.com

Textile Based Non Profit Presents Handcrafted Quilts To The Center Against Domestic Violence at Brooklyn Borough Hall Women’s Herstory Commemoration
Brooklyn, New York


12:00 PM

In conjunction with Borough Hall’s Women’s Herstory Month commemoration – two FIRSTS come together in the spirit of women’s survival. Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc., the first textile based domestic violence organization, will present 50 volunteer crafted quilts to the Center Against Domestic Violence – the first organization to rally for domestic violence shelters in 1976. This historic presentation is being held on Thursday, March 24, 2011 at Borough Hall, Brooklyn, New York 12:00pm

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, February 21, 2011 over 200 people came together at the design studio of Sue Rock Originals Everyone to create quilts using fabrics donated by the Van Heusen corporation. Volunteers of every age and nationality tirelessly worked together to create beautiful quilt tops for the residences run by the Center Against Domestic Violence.



Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc is the internationally acclaimed textile charity committed to supporting the lives of survivors of domestic violence. With such a small percentage of women leaving domestic violence situations nationwide, we felt it was important to provide direct support to these women who have made the courageous first steps towards change. Each year our volunteers create NEW clothing and accessories women need as they live in temporary housing. Women leaving the cycle of violence only have the clothes on their back to start anew. Volunteers create handknit and hand crocheted apparel, accessories and so much more!

For seven years we have had the encouragement of the Brooklyn District Attorney's office in supporting the lives of women and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has coined our work "Handcrafted Healing". Using discarded fabrics from companies such as Liz Claiborne, Jones NY , Marc Jacobs and Van Heusen - as well as interior design companies like Kravet and Sina Pearson, we train our communities in all aspects of the textiles arts.

For More Information

Sue Rock 718 781 4142

Monday, March 07, 2011

Bearing Out the Winds of Change in Crown Heights!

So the economy is picking up - Yes? What to create for the new season.
We made the hard decision to focus on accessories for spring. Beautiful floral silk and polyester scarves with chunky gold button scrunchy bracelets are our start! (Photos to come~)
However our studio has the retail space that needs some uplift. Gotta have new styles for new customer. The Crown Heights area is a location of change - "hipsters" leaving the Williamsburg and Bushwick scene for cheaper rents are reclaiming their original vision, releasing their "hipster" embodiment - longing for neighborhoods with trees and elders! Crown Heights homeowners are finally able to rediscover their communities after being shut in from the ravages of the crack filled 80's and 90's. As stores and business close (The Starlight Lounge, The Slave Theatre) new businesses bring light and diversity to the area. Dingy corner stores invest in new ceilings and front lighting - finally understanding that the key to receiving respect is providing a respectful environment.
Have a business in the predominantly Black community of Crown Heights has been a real challenge - more internally than externally. We have had to really understand the buying habits of the community and adapt to that reality (Unfortunately it took Chris Rock's Good Hair for me to realize sisters were NOT going to buy wool hats - hand crocheted or otherwise to put on a $250 hairstyle - my bad!)
We also have had to take a hard look at our customers. The customer of Park Slope is not the customer of Crown Heights - in shape, size or style. How do you bring your vision to a customer who new to your whole scope.
You listen
You listen
You listen
The word CUTE is key to listening......
As customer comes in.......after the tingling "scloosh scloosh scloosh" of the hangers moving on the rack you wait............ for the tell tale squeal and the sound
"oooooooo that's CUTE!"
Young or old, Bed Stuy or Bushwick - all girls are the same -
They wanna look CUTE!