Saturday, November 15, 2008

so why create a Design company in the midst of an economic crisis people alway ask - why did you create this company, and I thought its time to answer this question. - Why create a company like this one in such a crazy economic time....It's quite simple really......

We created it for you......

You - who have lived through just wanting to pull something up over your hips and over your head that wasn't $250. You - the person who lived through the horrors of an all black '90s and a Riotously Floral new millenia. And the you that deserves a company that realizes that people need new clothing but shouldn't have to deal with the pollution from the ever growing dumps full of unused textile ideas to get it.

This company is a testament to the principle that all things are possible. That no one can block your prosperity because it is Yours and Yours alone to tap into and enjoy. With just a breath of inspiration and hint of creativity, some brash initiative and the belief that "Ask and ye shall receive" doesn't mean "only if you are tall enough, rich enough, light enough, bright enough" but it means you should just ask.

By "Just Asking", we have developed into a fashion brand and not for profit that has resources throughout the East Coast. No longer "dumpster diving" designers, we have extensive contacts throughout the interior design and fashion industries that reach out to us to pick up their unused textiles. Throughout the NY area we have been contacted by families to archive their vintage fabrics and transform their trims and notions. Our supplies, tools and notions have been gifted from the springs of life itself and we are grateful!!

But......that's because we are doing this for You.....

We have wonderful ideas for this company. Ideas that the clothes that people wear can allow them to shine in ways they had never thought possible. That a great fit and vibrant color can increase confidence and allow for truer expression on all levels. Imagine all the colors of the rainbow - available in YOUR size, when YOU want to buy them, regardless of season - Vibrant Greens in Winter, Warm Golds in July, Brown all through the year.

And crochet - Crochet that can be creamy and soft. Crochet masquerading as rich brocade, carrying colors that reverberate strand by strand with the light. and Tailored crochet, with buttons and waistbands - as skirts, coats and jackets. Wonderful stuff , full of character and longevity.

And so I now turn to you - our beautiful customers. We create each of our pieces with you in mind. When we receive our fabrics, we have you in mind. How to make a beautiful colorway shine the brightest. How to accent the line of a stunning men's pinstripe and play off of the concept - straying into women's wear (and playful women's wear at that)

We are doing this all for You -

Come an' get sum!