Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rain or shine - Fashion REIGNS at Sue Rock Originals!

When you have the opportunity to work with a master photographer you HAVE to jump at the chance - well that is what happened when we were rained out of our fashion show at the KINGSTON AVENUE Festival in Brooklyn, NY.

Photographer Anderson Zaca *reigned* supreme with our amazing cast of models!  Actors, Interns and legal professionals were all classic "Sue Rock Originals" on that day!

A great time was had by all :))  Here is quick preview of our work
Sue Rock Originals Circle Skirt as Cold Shoulder top in dead-stock blackrose lace

Rebecca Odm  in Sue Rock Originals
Caftan dress in cotton jersey
SALE $25

Sue Rock Originals Hand Crochet Shrug
Made to order - Sale $85

Actor Malary Lynn Harris wearing Sue Rock Originals
Roll Neck Knit Maxi Poncho - SALE $250

Sue Rock Original Knit Maxi Poncho
Made to order virgin wool -

SALE $250
Sue Rock Originals Knit Maxi Poncho
In Lavender Virgin wool and Ribbon Yarns

SALE $250

Sue Rock Originals Faux Fur Bolero SALE-$100

Sue Rock Originals Knit Maxi Poncho
In Virgin wool  
SALE $250

Sue Rock Originals WRAP Pants
In Vintage 80's Italian poly - Sale $85

Da Crew!