Friday, January 30, 2009

Sue Rock Originals.....feeling like sheers for the Spring

JR has been sewing his A*$ off!! blowing us away with phenomenal sheers. We received some of the most remarkable Italian sheer fabrics and combining them with tissue thin white and stormy grey fabrics has created a marvelous effect.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Presidential Call to Service at SROE

What an amazing time!! For over three years SROE has received AMAZING fabrics from individuals, the garment and interior design industries. Unfortunately navigating a 10x10 space is nearly impossible for two people raising a sixth grader! The volume of donations have overflowed into our one bedroom apartment transforming it into a storage design studio with a part time bedroom :))

MIT Architecture students Frank Hebbert (a London native!) and Haruka Horiuchi volunteered on this cold January morning...

Well when the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats and Brooklyn for Obama team called us in on the President's Call to Service we jumped at the opportunity. We see below Jerome "Babafemi" Rock of Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc., Jeanne Heifitz of Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats and Jordan Mitchell Founder of Brooklyn for Obama.

Over 20 volunteers from all walks of life came to support our work and made a real dent in the organizing of our fabrics. Writer Martin Rowe stopped by and fearlessly folded yards of fabric!

From Friday January 17 to Monday January 19th people streamed in from the snowy winter day to fold, organize and marvel at the beautiful donations we received. MIT Archetecture student Haruka Horiuchi was enthralled with the large piece of white faux fur.

Arun Venogopal came from WNYC to interview us and shared the news with NPR Radio that day - Amazing! (and there is Sue Rock herself wearing one of her Sue Rock Originals!)

Sue Rock Originals :))

Sunday, January 18, 2009

KTU Interview's Sue Rock pt2

KTU Interview's Sue Rock part1

Monday, January 12, 2009

WKTU Cares interview with Sue Rock Sunday, Jan. 18 7:00AM

Brooklyn based Domestic Violence NonProfit -
Upcoming interview on WKTU with Cindy Vero of KTU CARES

New York, New York, January 11, 2009:

As the only craft charity for survivors of Domestic Violence - Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc. will be featured on January 18, 2009 on the Sunday morning show KTU Cares hosted by Cindy Vero.

Drive time radio personality Cindy Vero is the cohost of the WKTU Show Mornings with Cubby and Cindy. WKTU, located at 103.5 is known as the Beat of New York. Regarding Sue Rock, Ms. Vero states “Brace yourselves for somebody spectacular! Sue Rock is a force to be reckoned with!! Sue Rock is electric and full of personality! What an inspiration to women everywhere.”

Airtime is Sunday, January 18th, 2009 7:00AM, on WKTU 103.5FM

About Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc.

When the eco-fashion company Sue Rock Originals came into a surplus of donated yarns, their first thought was, “How can we use these materials to give back to our community?” Research made it evident that there were no craft charities for women. Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc. (SROE) was created to fill this void. The “Everyone” addition to the company name is for women who are survivors of domestic violence living in temporary residences throughout the city. It is also a representation of the volunteers. Everyone who uses the surplus materials to create clothing and accessories for these women, supporting them as they leave the cycle of violence and start a new life. All items are presented twice a year (May – Mother’s Day and October – Domestic Violence Awareness Month) to residences based in New York. In four short years, over 1,000 items (in addition to ceramics, books and window treatments) have been presented to Safe Horizons, Sanctuary for Families and Fortune Academy.

The organization has developed a unique funding resource – Sue Rock Originals. Sue Rock Originals is the eco-fashion brand of women’s separates. Appealing to every size from 2 to 22, their tailored selections are made from 100% reclaimed fabrics. Their line is currently carried at Flirt-Brooklyn and Eidolon both located in Brooklyn’s Park Slope.

Contact: Sue Rock 347-365-8747

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sue Rock Originals Accessories for 2009 - BELTS!