Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Windows Windows Windows - the Importance of a Great Display

As we have developed our retail space, we learned about the importance of a good display window. Ms. Gia McCarthy is a volunteer who helped us to pull our concepts together and bring customers in successfully! This is a quick review of our Spring Season!

This was our first window with Gia - it is a sewing/crafting theme in a monocolor setting. The dress forms were all styled in blue and white with the sewing machine and spools as the focal points.

April brought so much rain we wanted to bring some brightness to the neighborhood. This window featured water themed interior design luminescent plastic in the back and an umbrella. This window brought us so many customers!

Father's Day brought out the men with this seductive nod to Father's Day Gifts!

In tribute to our graduates, we created a graduation theme with the graduate and the attendees all present in celebration. We chose to place this within a black and white groove and propped our graduate's caps and tassels behind.

The inspiration of great volunteers is just one of the reasons Sue Rock Originals is successful in accomplishing our mission of creating a safe and empowering space for survivors of domestic violence!